About Us

“LAEKA” JV Co Ltd was established in 1999, which profile is to import and wholesale of dental and medical materials, equipments in Armenia.

“LAEKA” JV Co Ltd’s main purpose is to supply to the Armenian health service institutions with high- quality materials, equipments, which is the base of the medical high-class provision of services.

During the last 12 years the company has been cooperating with more than 19 well-known companies successfully being the exclusive representatives of those companies in Armenia.

The partners of “LAEKA” JV Co Ltd are the following companies:

W/H (Austria)-Surgical and turbine handpieces, device for Implantology, autoclaves, handpieces, oiling and cleaning  device, distiller, handpiece oiling spray and other dental instruments.

TEUMO-EUROPE (Belgium)-Coroner and peripheral stents, cardiological and peripheral catheters’ system, micro catheters, aspiration catheters, oxygenators, sternal  saw, cannulaes, central venous catheters, intravenous catheters, syringes, dental and medical needles, laboratory needles, diagnostic tubes, blood bags, infusion syringe pumps

3M (Switzerland)- bandages (sterile and non sterile), orthopedic bandages (artificial gypsums, longuette, immobilization bandages), indicator strips, surgical artificial skins-Ioban, ECG electrodes

EMS (Switzerland)-Piezo surgical device, teeth cleaning device, teeth cleaning powder

SUPERMAX (Malaysia)-Surgical gloves with/without powder (sterile and non sterile), dental gloves

DENTAURUM (Germany)- Dental implants, orthodontic materials and instruments

GNATUS (Brazil)- Dental unit, dental chair, disinfecting autoclaves, Bio Vacs, dental X-rays, turbine handpices

LEONHARDLANG (Austria)- ECG electrodes, ECG gels, ultrasonic gels

Dürr Dental (Germany)- dental compressors

DETAX (Germany)- Dental silicones and cements

DOCTOR SMILE (Italy)- Dental laser device,teeth whitening material

VDW (Germany)- Dental endodontic device, apex locator, endodontic files, endodontic root enlargers, endodontic root fillers, endodontic set of instruments

HELMUT-ZEPF (Germany)- Medical and dental instruments

MetaDental (USA)- Dental technical instruments and devices

JOSHUA MEDICAL (India)- Filling materials

CODAN Medical (Germany)-Medical catheter systems

CSN Industie (Italy)- Dental x-rays, dental digital sensors

COVIDIEN (USA)- Surgical sutures and needles,  feeding respiratory catheters, foley catheters

MAQUET-InterVascular S.A.S.-Blood vessel transplants